Phatt Piggie X THC Limited Edition Stem
Phatt Piggie

Phatt Piggie X THC Limited Edition Stem

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Phatt Piggie X THC Limited Edition DynaVap Stem 

We have teamed up once again with the Legendary Wood Turner Phatt Piggie to bring you this exclusive & extremely limited run of DynaVap VapCap Stems.

 Each Stem Handmade In The UK.

 Seasonal Product, Very Limited Run.

Made in the United Kingdom and crafted from solid wood blanks by the extraordinarily talented & mysterious Phatt Piggie. The Stems have been handcrafted out of a beautiful sustainably sourced African Black Wood with Red & White accents to highlight The Hedonist Club brand colours. They unquestionably are one of a kind and utterly stunning to view. 

Performance is beyond on point. Phatt Piggie has installed a fixed condenser that nearly runs the entire length of the 100mm stem which slightly protrudes sitting into your DynaVap Titanium/Stainless Steel Tip. Expect brilliant levels of extraction coupled with a smooth finish. Sitting at 100mm (130mm with DynaVap Tip & Cap installed) the additional length provides excellent handling qualities and stable rotation while heating.

Furthermore, each stem comes with 5 Bamboo Skewers for simple condenser cleaning, a Pot of Wood Finishing Wax, a Phatt Piggie secret recipe that works wonders for your stem, along with 5 ISO Wipes & a Metal Wire Brush. Continued maintenance is a must for these natural wonders!  

Not only is Phatt Piggie an Awesome Craftsman who pours hours of work into every stem leaving his Wood Workshop. He is also a well-respected member of the Vaping community and a tremendous contributor. It brings us great pride to be showcasing his skilled work once again at The Hedonist Club. Don't Miss Out! 

What's In The Box?

  • 1x Phatt Piggie x THC Limited Edition Stem 
  • 1x Pot Phatt Piggie Super Wood Wax
  • 1x Metal Wire Brush 
  • 5x Bamboo Skewers
  • 5x ISO Alcohol Wipes

NOTE **DynaVap Tip & Cap to be purchased separately & not included**