DynaVap NonaVonG-XLS Darkwood

DynaVap NonaVonG-XLS Darkwood

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DynaVap NonaVonG-XLS Darkwood

The DynaVap NonaVonG-XLS Blackwood is simply everything you love about DynaVap, now also compatible with your favourite Water Tool.

At 109mm, this Dark Wood NonaVonG XLS has a spinning mouthpiece combined with a 62mm Stem and a Titanium Tip. The midsection has trisected nonagon geometry making this VapCap a visual piece of art. The nine sides make the device roll resistant and elevate the mouthpiece when placed horizontally on a flat surface. The midsection's airport allows the user to manually modify the air to vapour intake ratio.

In addition, the NonaVonG’s tapered end is designed to fit most 14mm female WPAs. Hit it dry or hit it wet, the choice is yours. 

As with the entire DynaVap range of Vaporizers, you won't find any batteries or cables with the NonaVonG-XLS Darkwood. You also won't find yourself waiting around to use the device as any flamed heat source can be used to deliver tasty hits and clouds. Heat up, inhale and go, the process takes 30 seconds from start to finish when using a micro torch (Highly Recommended).

Please note wood colours and grain patterns may vary.

Major Features 

  • Huge Water Tool Rips
  • Brilliant Efficiency 
  • Body Constructed from Beautiful Natural Wood
  • No Batteries = No Charging
  • Reach Vape Temp Fast With Micro Torch

How Big? How Heavy?

  • Total Length - 109mm
  • Weight - 15g

Get Technical On Me

  • Midsection - Darkwood Vong Stem
  • Condenser - XL Ti Condenser
  • Mouthpiece - Darkwood Mouthpiece 
  • Temperature Indicator Cap (Click At Temp, Click When Cool)

What's in the Box?

  • 1x DynaVap NonaVonG-XLS Darkwood
  • 1x DynaVap Airtight Storage Case

Show Me The Warranty

  • Manufacturers Warranty
  • Technical Support Provided by The Hedonist Club

How To Operate?

  1. Take Cap off DynaVap NonaVong.
  2. Load oven with coarse or medium ground herb 0.05g - 0.1g ( Sip up herb like a straw, or use the digger on the end of the Cap to load, do not over pack oven).
  3. Put Cap back on the DynaVap NonaVong.
  4. Heat the metal Cap whilst rotating the NonaVong. (Micro Torch Recommended) 
  5. Keep heating until you hear or feel the Click which indicates it's at the correct temperature and ready to use.
  6. Place in your 14mm Water Pipe of choice, cover the airport and draw. Lift out the NonaVong to clear your Water Pipe. Experiment with the airport hole to find your preferred sweet spot on your first few attempts. 
  7. Keep drawing until you hear the Cap click again indicating it's cooled down and ready for another heat cycle if you desire.
  8. Repeat & Reload for another awesome Rip with the DynaVap NonaVong.

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