DynaVap M 2018 Edition

DynaVap M 2018 Edition

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DynaVap M 2018 Edition.

The DynaVap 2019 Edition is Now Available For Pre-Order Here.

The 2018 DynaVap M continues on the phenomenal foundation laid by the previous DynaVap M (Our Vape of The Year 2017). Fantastic engineering, attention to detail, remarkable performance, simple operation and great value!

What's New?

Aesthetics & Function

  • The Body has been machined with multiple thin strips for an improved textured grip whilst holding and rotating.
  • The Air-Port has been slightly increased in size with more prominent grooves for easier finger placement. 
  • The DynaVap Logo has been reduced in size improving aesthetics.


The Stainless Steel Tip featured on the 2018 DynaVap M has been completely redesigned improving performance.

  • Heat's Up Faster - Sleeker & Thinner Fins reduce mass resulting in quicker heat up times.
  • Cools Down Quicker - Those new fins also improve heat dissipation, resulting in faster cool down times. 
  • Stay's Cleaner - The new fin design also aids in cleanliness as it’s harder for Dry Herb to get stuck between them.
  • Better Air Flow - The Stainless Steel Tip has been machined with a double triple helix groove resulting in more airflow, as opposed to the single groove the original M had.

The New 2018 DynaVap M is Constructed from stainless steel, proudly manufactured in the USA, and is still one of the most simple & smallest Vaporizers ever created. It's very light and nearly indestructible, so it can proudly join your DynaVap OmniVap: Titanium on the list of Vaporizers to grab during a Zombie Apocalypse.

As with the entire DynaVap range of Vaporizers, you won't find any batteries or cables with The New 2018 DynaVap M. You also won't find yourself waiting around to use the device as any flamed heat source can be used to deliver tasty hits and clouds. Heat up, wait for the click, inhale and go, the process takes 30 seconds from start to finish when using a micro torch (recommended).

The New 2018 DynaVap M boasts an impressive arsenal of upgrades to a Vaporizer that was already nearly perfect for the price. DynaVap has certainly changed the game...Again!  

Major Features 

  • Faster Cool Down & Heat Up
  • Super Compact
  • No Batteries = No Charging
  • Works With Any Flame
  • Reach Vape Temp Fast With Micro Torch
  • Improved Airflow

How Big? How Heavy?

  • Total Length - 92mm
  • Weight - 20g

Get Technical On Me

  • Midsection - Stainless Steel
  • Condenser - Standard
  • Mouthpiece - Stainless Steel
  • 100% Medical Grade Stainless Steel Construction 
  • Temperature Indicator Cap (Click At Temp, Click When Cool)

What's in the Box?

  • 1x DynaVap M 2018
  • 1x Dynavap Airtight Storage Case

Show Me The Warranty

  • Manufacturers Warranty
  • Technical Support Provided by The Hedonist Club

How To Operate?

  1. Take Cap off DynaVap M 2018.
  2. Load oven with coarse or medium ground herb 0.05g - 0.1g ( Sip up herb like a straw, use the digger on the end of the Cap to load, or simply dip & twist).
  3. Put Cap back on the DynaVap M 2018.
  4. Heat the metal Cap whilst rotating The M. (Micro Torch Recommended) 
  5. Keep heating The DynaVap M until you hear or feel the Click which indicates it's at the correct temperature and ready to use.
  6. Draw on the Mouthpiece and experiment with the carb hole to find your preferred sweet spot on your first few attempts. 
  7. Keep drawing until you hear the Cap click again indicating it's cooled down and ready for another heat cycle if you desire.
  8. Repeat & Reload for another awesome vaping experience with The DynaVap M 2018.

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