About Us

What is The Hedonist Club?

The Hedonist Club is a new start-up formed out of love for Aromatherapy, Innovation, and Technology.

Specialising in the online sale of battery and battery-free vaporizers, parts & accessories for the use of aromatherapy. 

Who is The Hedonist Club?

Currently, The Hedonist Club has a huge workforce of one. And that's me, your founder and resident vaping fanatic, TD. The guy drinking coffee above.

I've been in the world of business for just under ten years, starting my first company at 22 in 2007, my second in 2012. I'm thankful for the experiences, the people I've met along the way, the successes and most definitely my failures, however, the passion for the industry I was in was just no longer there. 

Aromatherapy and Technology on the other have been personal passions of mine for the past 15 years, getting to marry the two together is a dream come true. It's an empowering feeling when you take the decision to wake up and do what you love every day, and that is exactly why I started The Hedonist Club. 

Why use The Hedonist Club?

Because I love what we sell and I believe in the companies that create the products we stock.

I purchased my first Vaporizer in 2010, a Da Buddha by 7th Floor Vaporizers and didn't look back.

Being a consumer for so many years and having a severe case of V.A.S (Vaporizer Aquisition Syndrome), has given me a unique insight into what you want out of both a Vaporizer and Business that sells them.

How do you acquire stock?

Aromatherapy devices are not cheap, and some are a serious investment. As a result, you want peace of mind regarding quality and authenticity.

I am proud to say we only purchase stock directly from the manufacturer or their approved agent for the region meaning you get what you paid for, Period. 

Where are you based?

The business Base is in the county of Oxfordshire. Our registered offices are headquartered in London. Everything ordered ships from the U.K.

I heard you give excellent High Fives?

You heard true.