Sticky Brick Labs

Kenny Joseph founded Sticky Bricks Labs based out of North Carolina in the United States. SBL is a real labour of love, making their entire range of vaporizers out of beautiful natural hardwood and by hand.

Sticky Brick Labs has had tremendous success in a short time due to their Workmanship, Build Quality and Incredible Performance. The Sticky Brick Team are also entrenched in the Online community, listening to feedback and improving or revising the product range while building a cult-like following in the process. Attributes that we love in both the company and the individuals that work for it. 

Today Sticky Brick Labs range of handmade battery-free products include the Original Brick (OG Brick or simply The Brick), Sticky Brick Junior (Sticky Brick Jr), Hydro Brick and the brand new Flip Brick. SBL has also created a whole host of Accessories & Glass for the entire family of vaporizers.

We love the Sticky Brick Labs over here at The Hedonist Club and are proud to be an Authorised Reseller of their Vaporizers & Accessories. And we are pretty sure you will end up loving both their products and their infectious grassroots culture too. Shout out Trii House.

Need that Sticky Brick in your Life? You'll find it here in our collection of Vaporizers, Parts & Accessories.