Interplanetary Development

Interplanetary Development (ID) is based out of Dallas, Texas! The main man over there, ID Tanner is seriously passionate about three things; Aromatherapy, Community & Uncompromised Product Development.

ID has been around since the middle of 2015, and they are committed to bringing the highest quality products, with the highest functional design to market. Furthermore, they are doing it at a reasonable price that isn’t going to break the bank compared to other brands.

Currently, ID’s products range from Herb Grinders with easily replaceable screens, Budget-friendly DynaVap VapCap Stands, Pollen Presses that are easy to use without threading, to excellent smell proof storage bags. ID never stop innovating, and constantly develop new ideas that have reshaped how we interact with the aromatherapy accessory market.

The Hedonist Club love ID's fresh approach to design, and we really love their product. Did we mention all ID products come with a Life Time Warranty? Now that screams confidence! Who knows what they will think of next?

The Hedonist Club are proud to be working Exclusively with Interplanetary Development within the UK & EU Market. 

Need that Interplanetary Development in your life? You'll find it here in our complete collection of ID Parts & Accessories.