Dreamwood is a Vaporizer Manufacturer based out of Duisburg in Germany. Although a relatively young Company the two Brothers who run Dreamwood, Joel & Steffen are two of the most passionate, kind and hardest working individuals in the Vaporizer Market Space. `I should mention they also manufacturer Vaporizers that kick serious Ass.

Making everything in Germany entirely out of beautiful natural wood and by hand, their vaporizers are sustainable, battery-free and perform amazingly well. Each unit is unique and finished to the highest of woodworking standards. 

Similar to Sticky Brick Labs, The wood vaporizers from Dreamwood are a further development of the vaporizers first designed and created by the now discontinued Triihouse.

We love all the Dreamwood Vaporizers here at The Hedonist Club, from the Dobby Classic to the DLX One & DLX Pro Classic. We also love how passionate Dreamwood is and how much care and attention they put into everything they produce, a perfect fit to our growing collection of Vaporizers.

Need that Dreamwood in your Life? You'll find it here in our collection of Vaporizers, Parts & Accessories.