Boundless Technology CF-710
Boundless Technology

Boundless Technology CF-710

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Boundless Technology CF-710

The CF-710 is Boundless Technologies first dedicated concentrate, extract & oil vaporizer.

No Torches Needed - Experience concentrates and oils in the most portable and efficient fashion within seconds of pressing the power button.

Portable Dabs - The Boundless CF-710 is a powerful portable allowing you to enjoy extracts without being tied down to a rig or power cord! 

Simple Operation - Beginners or experienced concentrate enthusiast will feel at home using the CF-710. Hold the power button, place over a little extract and inhale. It's that simple. On-Demand Dabs!

Pure Favour - The short vapour pathway and choice of either ceramic or quartz coils ensures taste is on point. 

Super Stealth - If you are a vape ninja in the making, look no further!  The Boundless CF 710 combines sleek design and stealth allowing the user to enjoy oils/concentrates free from loud torches or glass! 

No Mess, No Fuss - The CF-710 ensures your set up stays clean. No need for any additional tools, just the CF-710 and some delicious concentrate. 

    How Big? How Heavy?

    • Height - 14cm
    • Width - 2.2cm
    • Depth - 2.2cm
    • Weight - 120g

    Get Technical on Me

    • Rapid USB Charging (2 Hours to Full)
    • Single 16500 LG Lithium-Ion 10A high drain battery with 900 mAh capacity
    • Variable Temperature Range 
    • 100v-220v
    • 60min Concurrent Use 

    What's in the Box?

    • 1x Boundless CF-710 Vaporizer
    • 1x Glass Dabbing Pot
    • 1x Quartz Coil
    • 1x Ceramic Coil
    • 1x Manual
    • 1x USB Charging Cable
    • 1x Dabbing Brush

    Show Me The Warranty

    • Manufacturers Warranty ( 3 Years on Product, 1 Year on Battery)
    • Technical Support Provided by The Hedonist Club

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