Sticky Brick Labs Exotic Brick
Sticky Brick Labs

Sticky Brick Labs Exotic Brick

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Sticky Brick Labs Exotic Brick.

Also known as The Sticky Brick, The Original Brick or simply The Brick.

This creation from Sticky Brick Labs out of North Carolina, USA, is a Torch Powered On-Demand vape for an experience like no other.

No Cables & No Charging - No electricity or batteries required here, The Sticky Brick Labs OG Brick is a Torch Powered Off Grid Vape.

Instantaneous Hits - 0 to Vapour in a matter of seconds! 

Amazing Flavour & Huge Punch - Once the small learning curve is mastered, you won’t know how you lived without it in your collection. Seriously, it is that good!

Beautifully Handcrafted In The USA - The Brick's hardwood construction isn't just for aesthetics, it ensures longevity to produce vapour for years & years to come.

Top-quality Simax Borosilicate - This Glass offers pure flavour and increased durability over standard glass.

Easy Maintenance - Each piece of The Brick is securely held together with strong magnets, allowing for simple maintenance. 

Ready To Go The Sticky Brick comes ready to go with the basic accessory pack containing spare screens, two wooden stir sticks, LED light tweezers, a stainless steel stirring tool and an empty Honest Torch Lighter, all you need is gas and your favourite Aromatherapy blend.

      How Big? How Heavy?

      • Brick Width - 9.5cm
      • Brick Height - 9.5cm
      • Brick Depth - 4.5cm
      • Draw Stem Length - 17.8 cm
      • Weight - 360g

      What's In The Box?

      • 1 x The OG Brick
      • 1 x Spare Screens
      • 1 x Stir it up Stick
      • 1 x Stainless Steel Stir Tool
      • 1 x LED Light Tweezers
      • 1 x Empty Torch Lighter

      Show Me The Warranty

      • Manufacturers Warranty
      • Limited Lifetime On Wood
      • 15 Days For Glass
      • Authorised Support Provided by The Hedonist Club

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