5 Minute Break Down - Dynavap Ti Woody-S

Aromatherapy Butane Dry Herb Dynavap Ti Woody Vape Vaporizer

Today I'm checking out the Dynavap Ti Woody-S.

Grab a Vaporizer, get comfortable and join me for five minutes that you will never get back. Let's Go! 

Aesthetic Factor

Next level beauty. Wrapped in Cocobolo wood grain. The unit looks classy. The unit looks refined. The unit looks highly engineered. The unit wants to be desired. The unit is calling your name. The unit has a Tip! 

Dynavap Ti Woody-S Laying Flat Dynavap Ti Woody-S Tip Dynavap Ti Woody-S Top View

In Hand 

The Ti Woody-S is a seriously stealth device, only slightly larger than a cigarette. If you're clumsy, you will be losing it. If you're clumsy, you will burn yourself. It won't happen more than four times. The wood is warm and soft to the touch, the unit feels and sits great in hand. 

Dynavap Ti Woody-S In Hand  Dynavap Ti Woody-S Pinched by fingers

In Action

The whole process feels very organic. If you've ever smoked in your life, using this vaporizer will come naturally to you. It mimics the action of smoking perfectly. From its cigarette-like shape to placing it on your lips and inhaling.

We've been pre-conditioned on how to use this device. The Dynavap Team knew this. The Dynavap Team are smart. Be like The Dynavap Team.  

For the sensible ones amongst us, if you've never been a smoker, the device is so simple to use you'll pick up the technique in no time. The Dynavap Team also knew this. Those guys! 

Dynavap Ti Woody-S In Action


No performance disappointments here. If you want flavour, heat near the tip. If you want a heavier hitting experience, heat near the base. Go Flavour, Go Hard or sit on the fence and enjoy both. It's your choice. 

The wood finish also provides a unique taste compared to the other models in the line. Almost sweet. I like.

The Ti Woody-S is a Serial Box Ticker. Ticking so many boxes Dude will think he is holding a pen. Women are smarter and know better. 

Dynavap Ti Woody-S Heat Guide

Summary / TL;DR

I love this fucking vaporizer, how many can I own before it's viewed as a problem? 

  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Ergonomic
  • Natural & Organic Experience
  • Flavour & Vapour Production is Solid 
  • The Author of this article needs to spend less time with his Dynavap

What are your experiences with the Dynavap Ti Woody-S? Let me know below. 

If you're interested in purchasing a DynaVap Ti Woody-S, be sure to check out our collection right here. Click Me.

Stay Lifted 


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