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DynaVap is well known for their simple, innovative and battery-free vaporisers. They have been on an absolute tear in 2017, releasing some industry defining vaporisers while staying true to their creative roots and design philosophy. We can't wait to share with you what 2018 has in store.

As fantastic and easy to use as DynaVap Vaporizers are, when it comes to buying accessories or parts, new users to the DynaVap Universe and even some veterans sometimes struggle to understand compatibility between components. Bodies, Stems, Standard Condensers, Spinning Mouthpieces, High Temp O-Ring Kits. It can all get a little confusing. What fits where? What spins? What Doesn’t?

This guide will go over the basics of DynaVap compatibility allowing you to hopefully make an informed choice when it comes to upgrading your DynaVap, buying new parts or even understanding whats compatible within your current collection, to mix things up a little.

What Makes Up a DynaVap VapCap?

VapCap’s have some key components that come together to make the vaporiser we know and love. Starting from Bottom to Top.

  • The Cap - The temperature sensor and what we directly heat up. Clicking when at temperature and clicking once cooled down ready for use again.

  • The Titanium Tip - The place where we load our Dry Herb or Extracts. Essentially the Oven. All DynaVap VapCap Tips are Titanium except The M which utilises Stainless Steel.

  • The CCD (Screen) - Circumferential Compression Diffuser. The screens used in the Tip to ensure efficient airflow and particle filtration. Constructed from Stainless Steel or Titanium.

  • The Condenser - The pathway the vapour takes before hitting your mouth/lungs. Located within all VapCaps, the condenser acts as a heat exchanger to condense and cool the vapour. 

  • The Body / Stem - The fashionable part, mainly for aesthetics/customisation and hand function/feel. Except for the VonG Body & VonG Stem pictured above, which serves to make your DynaVap VapCap compatible with 14mm Water Tools/Pipes.

  • The Spinning Mouthpiece - Not present on all DynaVap VapCap’s, the mouthpiece provides a more natural and comfortable experience for some. Performance wise it distributes heat more evenly and allows the user to “Spin” his or her VapCap.

DynaVap VapCap Size

Complete DynaVap VapCap’s come in two sizes.

  • Standard - 92mm In Length
  • XL - 109mm In Length

The difference in length is approximately 17mm or the length of a spinning mouthpiece. Performance wise there is no difference, it’s all about what sits more comfortable in hand.

DynaVap Condensers

The foundation on which all DynaVap’s are built and your starting point when it comes to looking at parts and how they will interact with your DynaVap VapCap.

Condensers come in two sizes & two styles.


Standard SS Condenser - Stainless steel construction. Present in all non-XL Vapcaps except for the OmniVap collection. (Utilises 2-3 Condenser O-Rings).

XL SS Condenser - Stainless steel construction. Present in all XL VapCaps except for the OmniVap collection. ( Utilises 3 Condenser O-Rings).


OMNI Condenser Assembly With Mouthpiece - Titanium construction. Present in all standard length OmniVap’s. ( Utilises 3 High Temp O-Rings).

XL OMNI Condenser Assembly With Mouthpiece - Titanium Construction. Present in all XL OmniVap’s. (Utilises 3 High Temp O-Rings).

OMNI Condenser VS Standard Condenser - Whats the difference?

Other than the use of different construction materials as highlighted above, the OMNI Condenser Assembly with Mouthpiece incorporates a key feature that sets the two apart.

The OMNI Condenser has a unique design that allows for the adjustment of the air & vapour ratio on the fly. Achieved by twisting the mouthpiece which extends/retracts the condenser into the tip. This small feature allows the user to dial into the experience, regardless of vaping material, dry herb, oil or extracts. Secondly, the Omni Condenser is constructed out of Titanium which makes it an extremely efficient heat exchanger, resulting in even smoother & cooler vapour. 

DynaVap VapCap Bodies, Stems & Mouthpieces

Once we have established the size of VapCap we are working with and identified our condenser; we can then determine how certain parts will interact together.

DynaVap Body - 45mm In Length - Always requires a Mouthpiece.

  • Fits Standard SS Condenser with Spinning Mouthpiece.
  • Fits OMNI Condenser Assembly With Mouthpiece.

DynaVap Stem - 62mm in Length - Does not always require a Spinning Mouthpiece.

  • Fits Standard SS Condenser without Spinning Mouthpiece.
  • Fits XL SS Condenser with Spinning Mouthpiece.
  • Fits XL OMNI Condenser Assembly With Mouthpiece.

Spinning Mouthpiece - 17mm in Length - Constructed from Natural Wood.

  • Fits SS Condenser paired with a 45mm Body.
  • Fits XL SS Condenser paired with a 62mm Stem. 

The Cap, The Titanium Tip & The CCD Screen

These three items are universal across all DynaVap Vaporizers. From the M to the Uni, Omni to the Vong. 

  • The Cap - should fit on every tip.
  • The Titanium Tip - should fit on every Body & Stem. (Please note, both the titanium tips and the stainless steel tips are compatible with most DynaVap components, with the exception that stainless steel tips do not function properly with the Omni condenser assembly. (Utilises 4 High Temp O-Rings).
  • CCD - Should fit into every tip regardless of Tip or CCD material construction.

Stainless Steel VS Titanium - Whats The Difference? (Excerpt from the DynaVap Reddit FAQ)

The titanium components in DynaVap Vaporizers are all Grade 2 titanium, and the stainless steel components are medical grade stainless steel. There are a few performance characteristics in each metal within the device as well. When compared with stainless steel, titanium is lighter weight and three to four times stronger offering optimal durability and lifespan. However stainless steel is cost effective and more scratch-resistant.

Titanium tips offer a faster heat up time and distribute heat more evenly than the stainless steel counterpart. Also, the titanium tips have three adjustable screen positions and have a titanium screen, while the stainless steel tips only offer one location and have a stainless steel screen.

High Temp O-Ring & Condenser O-Ring Utilisation & Placement

All Standard & XL SS Condensers utilise between 2-3 condenser O-Rings.

All OMNI & XL OMNI Condenser Assembly with Mouthpiece utilise 3 High Temp O-Rings.

All Titanium Tips utilise 4 High Temp O-Rings.


  • All DynaVap Vaporizers utilise The Cap, The Tip & a CCD. These are universal parts.
  • All Standard & XL SS Condensers utilise between 2-3 condenser O-Rings.
  • All OMNI & XL OMNI Condenser Assembly with Mouthpieces utilise 3 High Temp O-Rings.
  • All Titanium Tips utilise 4 High Temp O-Rings.
  • All DynaVap Bodies are 45mm in length.
  • All DynaVap Stems are 62mm in length 
  • All DynaVap Spinning Mouthpieces are 17mm in length. 
  • The difference between a Standard VapCap and an XL VapCap is roughly 17mm in length or the length of a Standard Spinning Mouthpiece.
  • A standard ss condenser in a Body (45mm) requires a spinning mouthpiece unless used with an OMNI Condenser - Total length including Titanium Tip = 92mm (Ti Woody-S, NonaVong-S, OmniVong, OmniVap Titanium)
  • A standard ss condenser in a Stem (62mm) requires no spinning mouthpiece - Total length including Titanium Tip = 92mm (Ti Woody, NonaVong)
  • An XL ss condenser in a body (45mm) with a Spinning Mouthpiece (17mm) will not work as there will be 17mm of condenser exposed.
  • An XL Condenser in a Stem (62mm) requires a Spinning Mouthpiece (17mm) unless used with an XL OMNI Condenser - Total Length including Titanium Tip = 109mm (Ti Woody-XLS, NonaVong XL, OmniVap Titanium XL) 

This Guide will be a living document, as I plan to add DynaVap accessories in the future along with any new products that DynaVap bring to market moving forward.

Stay Elevated,


Founder - The Hedonist Club

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  • Jon on

    Very useful. Do you find there is a big real world difference between the SS tip and the TI tip? I have a M currently, but would buy a new TI tip for it.

  • John Williams on

    Very useful, thanks :-)

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