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Today I'm checking out the OG Brick from Sticky Brick Labs.

Grab a Vaporizer, get comfortable and join me for five minutes that you will never get back. Let's Go! 

Aesthetic Factor

It's big. It's bad. It's not ugly. It's probably the finest looking brick you've ever laid your eyes on. It's form and factor state it's intentions. Use it once, and you'll understand them very clearly too. Handmade in North Carolina out of beautiful hardwood, the unit looks fantastic and is built to last. 

Sticky Brick Labs OG Brick Close Up Logo

In Hand 

No stealth here folks. It's an ergonomic one hand holder/ two hand operation. Look, when you purchase an OG Brick, you are taking full ownership of that decision. You've made your choice. You know who you are. You're strong. You want a Vaporizer that's just as strong. People walk into your house, see the brick and say with awe "This guy/gal vapes hard...teach me the way of the brick". The Brick forces you out of the vape closet, where the weather is always beautiful. 

Sticky Brick Labs - OG Brick - In Hand

In Action

Similar to the Dynavap range, the team over at Sticky Brick Labs have created a product that works on conditioned familiarity. If you've ever used a water pipe, using this vaporizer will be easy. Three sections of use: Glass Mouthpiece, Flame Intake, Carb Hole. Seven steps of use: Mouth on Piece, Flame over Intake, Finger over the carb, Inhale, Release Carb, Inhale, Exhale.

Sticky Brick Labs - OG Brick - Where Is Guide Sticky Brick Labs - OG Brick - In Action

And for those who haven't hit a water pipe, don't sleep on this style of aromatherapy device. It might look intimidating and I agree it's not for everyone but there is nothing quite like it regarding performance.  


Quite possibly the hardest hitting Dry Herb Vaporizer out there. If not the hardest, then it's in the Top 3. I kid you not this thing is straight savage. It's 100% convection. It's on demand. It provides a full spectrum experience due to the way the material heats up. It punches your mouth with flavour. It's ridiculously efficient. It's a great price. And it even cleans up easy.

 Sticky Brick Labs - OG Brick - In Parts  Sticky Brick Labs - OG Brick - In Parts - Top Down View

Learning Curve 

The OG Brick is simple to understand and simple to use. Unfortunately, you will need to complete some vape sessions to master it entirely ;D. Ultimately the performance comes down to feeling out the experience and tuning it in for your needs. Play around with the flame strength and distance from the intake. Play around with you draw speed and power. Master it, and I guarantee it will be a firm favourite for years to come. 

Sticky Brick Labs- OG Brick - In Bed

 Summary / TL;DR 

This shit is fire!

  • Finest Build Quality + Handmade
  • Two-Hand Operation
  • Feelings of Nostalgia
  • One of The Hardest Hitting Vaporizers
  • Reasonable Learning Curve

What are your experiences with the OG Brick from Sticky Brick Labs? Let me know below. 

If you're interested in purchasing an OG Brick, be sure to check out our collection right here. Click Me. 

Stay Lifted 


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