5 Minute Breakdown - Sticky Brick Junior

Today I'm checking out the Sticky Brick Junior from the masterminds over at Sticky Brick Labs.

Grab a Vaporizer get comfortable and join me for five minutes that you will never get back. Let's Go!

Sticky Brick Junior Closed On Desk

Aesthetic Factor

I can't deny it, the guys over at Sticky Brick Labs have crafted another exceptional looking vaporizer. At first glance, it looks like a small brick or block made out of beautiful walnut. I guess it stay's faithful to the company name and in more of a complete way than its bigger & older sibling the Original Brick. But no shit, it doesn't look much of anything, the ill-informed will be mistaking it for a door-stop, book-stop or chunky drink coaster!

Sticky Brick Junior Open on Desk

Everything changes once you pop off the top compartment and find yourself starring at the heart of the Sticky Brick Junior. That's when you'll start appreciating the well thought out design practices used in this aromatherapy device while resisting your urge to fly to the US to give its creator a huge high five.

Sticky Brick Junior Next to iPhone 6s Plus

In Hand

When I first purchased a Sticky Brick Junior, I remember being surprised at just how small the unit was, especially compared to the OG Brick. In action mode (2 Part Form), the Junior has a tiny footprint, sitting tidily on a coffee table or desk. It's not taxing on the hands, operated with a thumb and two fingers while resting in the palm conveniently. In portable mode (3 Part Form), unless you've got huge pockets the Junior won't be residing in them comfortably for long or at all. It's not the most pocket-friendly device at roughly 12.5cm tall, 8.5cm wide and 3cm thick. Saying that the design does favour portability by protecting the glass components, looking like a small wooden block (stealth) and taking up hardly any space in a backpack or handbag.

Sticky Brick Junior Compartments Stacked

In Action

Hit's like a champ. Hit's like a fucking champ. The process as with the entire Sticky Brick range is super simple. Pop off the top compartment, twist the mouthpiece and bent flame intake to face outwards. Pop off the bottom compartment, load your herb into the bowl and place back together. Then it's a simple case of keeping the torch about 1 inch away from the intake while regulating the carb and your draw speed/power. Low Temp flavour, check. Mid Temp for balance, check. High Temp for full spectrum fun, check. Smooth vapour, check.

Sticky Brick Junior Flame On

I love how natural and organic this style of Aromatherapy device feels. There is something special about wood and flame that calls me in. I'm a huge fan of battery-free vaporizers as there is a process of understanding and learning that is so rewarding once you hit that sweet spot of mastery because you've had to work for it. The only downside is nothing else quite compares to it once achieved. It's a good problem to have. A great fucking problem!

Sticky Brick Junior on Books

Summary / TL;DR

The Sticky Brick Junior won't be easy for butane or vaporizer noobs, you have to work for its love, but put a little time in, and you'll have a cherished friend for years to come like no other.

  • Handmade in the USA
  • Wood, Wood & More Wood
  • Smart Design & Portable
  • Hits Heavy & Smoothly
  • Doesn't Like Your Pocket 
  • Loves Your Handbag or Backpack
  • Love & Time In = Lots of Love Out

What are your experiences with the Sticky Brick Junior? Let me know below.

Interested in picking up a Sticky Brick Junior, feel free to check out our collection online, right here.

Stay Lifted,


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  • John Williams on

    Yep. I really love the Sticky Brick Junior. So much so that I was thinking about the OG Sticky Brick, which everyone says is even better for taste, but I’m not sure I can justify that.
    I’ve only been in into vaping a few months, and as usual I jumped in with both feet, getting a Crafty, a Davinci IQ, and a Firefly 2. Now I never use them, and I really wish I hadn’t wasted so much money on them.
    First I watched a video about the Dynavap. Good engineering has always appealed to me, and all the reviews are raves, so I got one. Rightly so. It is a piece of genius. I now have two Omni Nonavongs, in different woods, they are just wonderful.
    Next I discovered the Lotus, downwards convection pipe. Another piece of genius, a simple answer. Beautifully made and great value with the glass j hook and metal WPA. You effectively get 3 different pieces for 110 pounds.
    Then, my latest acquistion, a Sticky Bricks Jr in walnut. A thing of beauty that I’m sat here with now. It tastes amazing, and seems to have improved my herb. Can’t be bad.
    It hasn’t escaped my notice that, as an ex smoker all three of these devices provide me with a ritual, and enable me to play with lighters. ;-)
    Also, I’ve gotten into wood, I really like my cocobolo and blackwood nonavongs, my red cedar Dynastash, and now my walnut Sticky Bricks Jnr.
    I’m definitely going to hold out for a spalted Milaana, that’s an amazing effect. The Milaana is not butane powered but otherwise should be in the same category of lo-tech artisan products, built by enthusiasts for enthusiats, as the three above.
    I’m rambling a bit :-)

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