5 Minute Breakdown - DynaVap VapCap M

Today I'm checking out the DynaVap VapCap M, the latest innovation from DynaVap to hit UK shores.

Grab a Vaporizer, get comfortable and join me for five minutes that you will never get back. Let's Go! 

Aesthetic Factor

The DynaVap M is as cold as ice, as clean as a whistle and more industrial than Henry Ford. This little guy will even shine in poor UK weather when taken outside. Check out how it glistens under the light. Rejoice in its beautiful splendour. The team over at DynaVap have once again delivered a fantastic looking vaporizer. That said, I can understand The M might be a little too cold looking for some. If that's you, you'll probably be more interested in a Woody. Check out my article on that mini beast here.

DynaVap VapCap M Side Profile

In Hand 

When it comes to DynaVap Vaporizers, we are dealing with compact devices that pack in a tonne of Engineering; The M makes no exception to that design philosophy. Being constructed from medical grade stainless steel, it's nearly indestructible. It's smooth finish, and seamless construction will glide into your hand. The recessed line in the centre of the device ensures you'll find the carb hole so you can still get down when the lights go down. As with all DynaVap Aromatherapy devices, if you're not careful your Ass is getting burnt. You will learn. As I did; Painfully.  

DynaVap VapCap M Next to iPhone 6s Plus

In Action

Performance; The DynaVap M does not fuck around. You're not getting UniVap (Ti Woody) or OmniVap (Omni: Titanium) levels of performance here, but it still packs a tasty solid hit, smoothly and nearly instantaneously. For the money (£47 at the time of writing), you honestly can't go wrong. The oven will fit between 0.05g-0.1g of material and from that expect 2-4 heat cycles. More efficient than a German car manufacturer. My Vaporizer of the Year 2017.

DynaVap VapCap M In Use 

Summary / TL;DR

The Team over at DynaVap are experiencing Charlie Sheen levels of Win at the moment, Bi-Winning levels in fact. Throw The M in the win column too.

  • Medical Grade Stainless Steel Construction
  • Beautiful Design 
  • Highly Functional Performance
  • Sensible Price
  • More Efficient Than a German Car Manufacturer
  • My 2017 Vaporizer of the Year

What are your experiences with the Dynavap VapCap M? Let me know below. 

If you're interested in purchasing a DynaVap VapCap M, be sure to check out our collection right here. Click Me.

Stay Lifted,


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  • slim on

    In my toolbox is the volcano, firefly and the woody ti, now joining them the M. And although the woody is my goto vap when I’m out it’s the M that comes with me, tough compact and a pleasure to use with good hits, always makes the smokers think twice,

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