5 Minute Breakdown - Dynavap DynaStash

Today I'm checking out the Dynavap DynaStash from the good folks over at, you guessed it, Dynavap.

Grab a Vaporizer, get comfortable and join me for five minutes that you will never get back. Let's Go! 

Dynavap Dynastash with Dynvap On Top Down View

Aesthetic Factor 

The guys over at Dynavap know how to make a great looking product. They keep churning them out. Have you seen the VapCap M? The Dynavap DynStash will wrestle with your gaze until it pins your eyes on its unapologetically beautiful wood grain finish. Look away, and it will slap you, reminding you of its natural good looks. Catch a friend giving it the eye for too long, and you will feel inclined to have a quiet word outside. Regardless of what finish you go for, Walnut, Cedar, Exotic, it looks superb. Go ahead, check out that wood grain one last time, I'm not getting jealous.... I promise.

Dynavap Dynastash Close Up with Omnivap

In Hand

The time and craftsmanship that went into the visuals perfectly translate into the language of touch. The DynaStash sits securely in your palm and is never imposing. Roughly the same size as a 20 deck of cigarettes, slightly longer, slightly slimmer and easily fitting into your pocket, backpack or handbag of choice. Furthermore, the build quality is solid, nothing loose and no risk of it opening up unexpectedly. Did I mention the wood grain?

Dynavap Dynastash Open | Top Down View

In Action

It works. Very well. When we purchase an Aromatherapy accessory we want it to enhance our experience, and if possible, in more ways than one. So how does the Dynastash achieve this? It provides a great looking and secure home for your Dynavap be it an OmniVap Titanium, Ti Woody-S or the new VapCap M. It also provides a safe place to store your aromatherapy material or dump your used material. It provides a magnetic base so your Dynavap can stand to attention and look proud when not in use or just after use. The magnetic base doubles up as a tool to remove your DynaVap Cap when it's still hot and protects your surface tops at the same time. Holy Shit. Now join me as we close off this week's 5 Minute Breakdown by staring at some more wood grain.

Dynavap Dynastash Open - Side View with Omnivap

Summary / TL;DR

The Dynavap DynaStash is one Shit Hot accessory, covering more bases than the US Air Force and featuring more Woodgrain than a Slim Thug music video.

  • Looks you would kill over
  • Superb Build Quality
  • Multiple Uses (Storage, Base, Tool)
  • Small, Secure & Inconspicuous 
  • Wood Grain

What are your experiences with the Dynavap DynaStash? Let me know below.

Interested in picking up a Dynastash, feel free to check out our collection online, right here.

Stay Lifted,


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    Honestly the Slim Thug Reference made the whole thing worth reading twice

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